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Making your morning refreshing

Nothing is more important than a brewing cup of tea in the morning. Every morning is an opportunity to create a moment and we, Herbs N Brew Teas never fail to do so. We make a blend that will make your connection to a world of exotic and familiar flavors. Get yourself energizing and relaxing with a perfect paradox of simplicity and complexity each morning.

Herbs N Brew Teas aims to offer everyone a calming cup of tea to rejuvenate their senses. We know how much a perfect cup of tea means to you in the morning. It isn’t just tea, but sip of peace, satisfaction and healing. We have a community of tea growers and tea lovers who just love to explore the marvel of Indian tea. The experience of having a cup of Herbs N Brew Teas has a magic in and our story waves the historical and cultural tales that transcends different boundaries. We would love to share how much could happen over a single sip of tea.

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 Our Beautiful Story

Beautiful ventures are inspired with beautiful thoughts. So, before we move further why don't you grab a delightful cup of tea from one of the best tea brands – Herbs N Brew Teas. The story goes years back where we took a road trip to Darjeeling- The tea heaven! It is honestly true to its name. The freshness, the aroma, the peace and those little tea leaves just made us wonder, how wonderful it would be every Indian is able to experience the same.

There we started our journey to offer world-class teas to our customers that are made with care. Being a tea lover, we knew that how much it matters for Indians to have a “good quality tea”. So, to ensure a good cup of tea is reached to millions, we started Herbs N Brew Teas. Keeping the taste and preferences of consumers, we started blending varieties to just click the flavor they crave for.

Since the beginning, we never forgot the fundamentals of a good quality tea. Let's take you deeper.

Our beautiful story

 A magic cup sealed with love!

We ourselves are tea-lovers. There is nothing in the world that could surprise us than a hot cup of aromatic tea. We understand the joy and happiness that every fresh sip contains. So as to take this happiness every nook and corner of India, we have made available this magic of a good cup of tea at reasonable prices. So, to make our dreams come true we handpick our tea from the selected gardens of Assam, Nilgris, Darjeeling and Nepal. Our manufacturing unit is laced with modern machines and technology to ensure each packed box contains same freshness and aroma. Moreover, we follow a state-of-the-art vacuum packing process that involves a three-layered aluminium packaging. This is done to prevent the tea from being spoiled by air or moisture. Every step taken by us is towards preventing freshness, aroma and flavor of the tea.

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