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Bombay Cutting Chai

  • Bombay Cutting Chai Premix contains natural extracts of Tea and Indian spices such as Cardamom & Ginger to prepare a cup of tea instantly in less than 2 minutes. The spices in the chai are well-balanced with sugar and milk extracts, crafting the perfect recipe for delicious Indian home-made tea.
  • Take a sip of the most popular tea blend from the corner stalls and streets of Mumbai. Taking a delectable sip of this Bombay Cutting Chai 500g blend will let you start your day refreshingly.
  • This tea is blended to perfection with the choicest spices. It comprises cardamom, ginger and exotic fennel seeds combined with fresh & strong Assam CTC.


  • Water temperature: 85-90º Celsius
  • Dosage: 2.5-5 grams of tea
  • Amount of water: 150-200 ml
  • Re-steeping: 2-3 times
  • Steeping time: 2, 2.5, 3 minutes


  • Any time you need a cup of elegance with a delicate personality to invigorate you.


  • Mesmerizing aroma of cardamom with a sharp whiff of ginger
  • Aids digestion
  • Contains a blend of delicious flavors
  • Lowers cholesterol levels



  • Provides relief from stomach cramps
  • Effective in curing cold, flu and body aches
  • Promotes weight loss lowers & blood pressure


    • Cures indigestion
    • Has diuretic properties
    • May protect from chronic diseases
    • Can treat bad breath and prevent cavities

      Fennel Seeds:

      • Encourage urination
      • Prevent glaucoma
      • Boost metabolism
      • Treat hypertension
      • Improve eyesight


        A small step towards keeping the environment healthy!

        Herbs N Brew curates an exquisite range of Teas to sooth your taste buds. In the processing, we aim to keep the environment safe. As a health conscious organization, we measure our carbon and plastic footprint every year. Moreover, regular investments are made by us in recycling of plastic and renewable energy efficiency in India. We are a brand to rely on.



        The taste of Bombay cutting chai is strong and crisp having the flavor of cardamom dominantly. Moreover, ginger adds the spiciness to the tea.

        It is easy process: • Put 2.5 gm leaves in an empty cup • Pour 200 ml water at 90-95 ºC • Let it steep for 5 minutes • Strain and serve • Add Milk & Sugar as desired

        Keeping in mind the Covid-19 outbreak, proper attention is given to the sanitation during the packaging process. The entire process is done without touching and with proper hygiene.

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